John Bushman founded A-1 Homes Odessa, TX in 1969. Although the brand of A-1 Homes has expanded to include many locations across the Southwest, none have been as successful as the original A-1 Homes in Odessa, TX. In over 45 years of continuous operation, A-1 Homes of Odessa, TX has built a brand to be trusted and relied upon. In 1996 Dimas Avalos became a member of the A-1 Odessa, TX team. With hard work and an unmatched dedication to customer service, he became a partner in A-1 Homes Odessa, TX and the general manager of the Odessa, TX location. In 2009, under his tutelage, A-1 Homes of Odessa, TX stopped carrying multiple brands of homes and started exclusively carrying the Cavco Homes brand. Cavco Homes was founded in 1965 and with A-1 Homes Odessa, TX that’s 95 years of manufactured housing experience. A-1Homes Odessa, TX started carrying Cavco Homes due to their commitment to quality and excellence in construction. In 2010 the Manufactured Housing Industry recognized that quality, and awarded Cavco Homes with the “Manufacturer of the Year” award. An award they now have won 6 consecutive years in a row, including 2015. So, come on down to A-1 Homes in Odessa, TX and see what 95 years of combined experience in customer service and quality manufacturing can do for you and your family.